Frequently Asked Questions

With your monthly membership you will receive access to all courses, lessons, and assessments, plus access to the Community where you can ask questions.

Each course will have a different amount of lessons depending on the subject. Some courses may have 10 lessons, while others may have 5. We have divided the lessons up so they will not be overwhelming.

No. You can choose to skip around or skip ones you don't need, however we placed these lessons in order for better learning and advise you to retake them as often as needed.

From the day you enroll you will have 15 days to try out the academy. After day 15 you will automatically be enrolled and your card charged unless you cancel.

No you can cancel at anytime. This subscription is month to month. However once you cancel you will no longer have access to your account.

We do not offer refunds. You may cancel at any time. If you are unhappy with your membership please let us know why. The academy is a new program and we strive to learn and improve based on feedback from our members.

Don't see your question? No problem! Send us an email [email protected]


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